How to Make $10 a Month with Qmee

Qmee is a website in my routine. I am using it to make $10 a month.

It may seem like a waste of time, but it is there in my routine and every little bit counts.

The Steps:

This is very simple.

  1. Go and sign up for Qmee.
  2. Get the browser extension on their website.
  3. Start searching Google for things you would buy online.
  4. Click any offers you see on the side of the screen. These popup through the extension.
  5. Do this for a few hours a day until you can’t earn anymore.

How Much Can Be Earned Doing This?

Here is my earning log. It appears things cap around $.30 to $.40 daily after searching.

Earning Log
Site: QmeeRelease: October 7, 2016
DateBalanceGainEarning Notes
September 30$4.71From prior dayComputers Used: 1 - Windows 7 - 512MB of RAM
October 1$5.10$0.39Not a bad day - looking back, it is one of the best - most likely because Saturday
October 2$5.45$0.35Sunday was a pretty good day too
October 3$5.67$0.22Monday is a bad day for Qmee perhaps? Didn’t pick up until evening
October 4$5.96$0.29Another half-decent day, better than Monday
October 5$6.27$0.31$.30, earning strong in morning and died down
October 6$6.63$0.36predictable amount here, bit better than usual
October 7$6.90$0.27Appears to be a constant $.30 - $.40 a day with Qmee
Total:$2.19General Notes:
Qmee searching is not going to make you much, but it is in my routine. It will make me about $10 a month currently. The searches were performed throughout the day and did not continue at night. The word list can be found in the website post about Qmee. The word list may be revised to try and attract bigger numbers.
CREATED BY: Joe from TheTechSlugs -


Qmee Word List



Here is the word list of 100 words. This is meant to give you a general idea of what to search. I recommend you add more onto this. I will be share any notable findings I make regarding offers and words. You can download it and search terms that I use. Use this in conjunction with phrases like “buy online” or “purchase.”
You should be able to make similar money searching these on Google giving you live in an area with similar ads.