Basics to Effectively Buying Devices for Making Money

58 phones, 5 computers.
This is how many devices I have.
Here is a tally page for more information.

Android or iOS?

I recommend variety with this the same way I recommend variety with the apps and websites you use. Sometimes you will find that a particular app available for both platforms works better on one platform over another. I see this in many examples when I am trying to find the best ways to earn with an app. While this isn’t always true, having access to both platforms also gives you the ability to use any apps that may be Android only or iOS only.

More recently, I have went entirely Android. I have done this because I have not found anything worthwhile to use with only iOS. It is good to keep an iOS device around in case, however.

Factors to Consider

Price: We are buying phones to make money here, so it would be best not to have to spend too much money on them. At the same time, you want to buy good phones. Actively scout for good deals when you want to buy.
Future-Proof: Your phones should stay with somewhat relevancy to the times of technology. They can be a bit lower than your expectations of the latest and greatest. It won’t be of benefit to you and it will cost more money to buy the latest iPhone.
Reliability: I am not talking about physical reliability. That shouldn’t even matter since these cash devices are stationary. I mean how well does the phone earn for you when it is using the apps? Older phones tend to freeze more which halts earning.
Speed: This goes along with the other factors. The speed of cash making has less to do with the internals of the phone and more with your internet speed.

General Buying Guidelines

Where to Buy

I usually buy like this:
iOS Devices: eBay
Android Devices: Amazon or C7 Device Recycle
Computers: Amazon or Newegg

Ultimately and logically, go where it is cheapest. Do a search and compare prices, but this is usually how it ends up.
See more on why next.

How to Buy


I buy iOS devices with many quirks because of their price otherwise. No matter how serious you are, always look for the deals and save money! eBay is a great place because common people are selling and less often companies. People price cheaper than companies because there are often quirks with the devices.
The quirks I look for:

A company won’t be selling a device like this! They sell in bulk and the quirkiest they get is refurbished or used, which rarely lowers the price enough for Apple products. Don’t buy them iCloud Locked! Many people think they can do something with it. Don’t waste your time. Also consider if you need jailbreaking or not and ask the seller what iOS it is on (make sure it is a jailbreakable one), does he/she plan to update it on shipment, and was it OTA updated (the answer should be no to that).
If don’t know whether or not you need jailbreak, check out my setting up iOS devices to make money tutorial. You will see all of the things you can do with jailbreak and then you can determine if you need it or not.
*A Bad ESN just means that the person who owned it before never paid the bill when they left it. You can’t activate it on a carrier until they get that fixed up, but remember that doesn’t affect us. We use our devices on WiFi only. Always wipe any used devices when you receive them. This isn’t courtesy to the previous owner (although it is nice). We are doing this because we want to start with a clean slate and to prevent it from slowing down. The only exception to this for iOS devices is whenever there is a jailbreak the previous owner installed and there isn’t a current jailbreak out.

Here is a video where I explain the basics in purchasing money-making devices, particularly iOS devices.


It is easier to buy with Android. I also consider Android a better option for you when it comes to making money with smartphones. Nevertheless, always be diverse. There are some apps I swear by using an iOS device with.
The quirks I look for:

That’s it.
It is easier to get nicely priced Android devices. This is considering that you are buying low to mid level Android devices I show on the recommend devices page.
I don’t look for Bad ESN Android devices because it isn’t needed to lower the price. I am also buying them on Amazon, which usually doesn’t list phones like that. Those phones are considered for parts or not working and since Amazon is mainly company-based listings vs eBay’s individual-based listings, you don’t get phones like this to choose from.

You also have to decide whether or not you need root. Check out my tutorial for setting up Android devices for making money. Take note of what apps require root and what apps do not. Decide if you need them or not. Wipe any used Android devices you buy to get a clean slate.


I would buy used computers if there sole purpose is for making money. Just make sure you do a full wipe when you receive it just as with the phones. My HP Stream 7 was purchased used because all it will do is make money.
You may want to buy a new one if the computer will serve as more than just a computer for making money. For instance, I built my main computer with brand new parts. My Macbook Pro was purchased brand new. This is because they are used for other things besides making money.

What to Buy

This depends on your experience level and how serious you are with this.
Buy cheaper phones that won’t last as long if you aren’t sure how far into this you want to go. They will last long enough for you to decide. They usually break with heavy usage and aren’t very reliable either, but good enough.
Buy more expensive devices in the mid to high range if you want to stick with this. You want reliable, future-proof, and speedy phones for some good cash making.

Go to either recommended phones for making money or recommended computers for making money next.