Apps and Websites to Use

I said that diversity is important to prevent fluctuation in your income and to make more money. One app or website is not going to make you $1000 a month. Check out all of the stuff I use:

This is called a cash routine. I do these a couple of times a year to let you all know what I am using to make money online and with smartphones. Lots of stuff is going on to make the money and lots of devices are being used. We will get to multiple smartphones and computers later.

You can use TheTechSlugs Archive Section for finding smartphone apps and websites. You can sort through apps here based on your needs or wants including cashout options, availability in countries, passive or manual, type of earner, in my routine or not, and so on.

More sites = more income sources = more money AND more stable money.

Oh, and I currently have 58 smartphones and 5 computers to use these multiple apps and websites! Of course you don’t have that many. Normal people have one phone. This is what I call a main phone. The rest of your devices are called money-making devices.

Continue on the tutorial by learning how to find the best app or site for making money. It is a general guide for this very popular question and relates to starting with one phone.

You can skip to how to buy money-making devices if you are ready.