Top 5 Apps for Making Money in 2018

With limited phones to use for making money, you want to make sure you are using the best apps for making cash to maximize your routine. These are my current top apps in 2018 for making cash. They are all passive apps. All links to the app for download/signup can be accessed by clicking on the title of the app.

#5Perk Apps

There are multiple Perk apps all under the same system. The most popular being Perk TV, but I also use Perk TV LIVE! and Perk Word Search. As always, I recommend you diversify. I put Perk at number one because it is earning the most for the amount of devices you use with it.

Perk has so many payout options included PayPal, Visa gift cards and Amazon.

#4Earnhoney Apps

Earnhoney is a great website for making money, but it also has mobile apps you can use to make money which funnel into your website balance. These apps are Super Pop Quiz and TV Glee, and they make good money for the amount of devices you would use with them.

Earnhoney offers the payout options of PayPal, Amazon, and Visa rewards.

#3Swagbucks Apps

Swagbucks is another great website with great mobile apps that are passive for earning. My favorite two apps are Swagbucks TV and EntertaiNow. They do not make as much money per device as the two above, but the earning with these apps have been so consistent for me over a long period of time I definitely recommend them. You do not use many devices to have them in your routine.

Swagbucks offers many payout options including Amazon and PayPal.

#2Passive Download Apps

There are many apps out like this now that pay you to use other apps. The longer you use and keep open the apps you are paid to download, the more you will earn. This is where the passive component comes into play. My two favorite right now are AppZone and AppLike.

AppZone only has gift cards, including Amazon, but no PayPal. AppLike has both Amazon and PayPal cashout.

#1Yoo Apps

YooLotto has an unlimited devices program that lets you have unlimited devices! With this, you can earn as much or as little as you can handle. It is a paid-to-watch app. However, the only issue with this one is that you need to have many devices in order to earn a lot. I recommend the ones above before you start with YooLotto and YooTV.

They payout via Dwolla and Amazon. You receive the rewards within a day or two. Note: There is also a PayPal option, but I recommend taking the time to create a Dwolla in order to receive payouts.