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Earn Cryptocurrencies Free Online with EarnCrypto


Cryptocurrencies are constantly fluctuating in value. Here is a simple way you can earn them without having to put money in or mining. You can sign up on my affiliate link here. EarnCrypto is like many of our other earning websites, but instead of earning fiat currencies (USD, EUR) we are earning BTC (Bitcoin), ETH […] Read More >>

6 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins Online

There are many methods shown on TheTechSlugs for making money online and with smartphones. Here are sites catering to Bitcoin payouts! Rather than getting a PayPal payout, you can go directly to Bitcoin. All you have to do on these sites is enter your wallet address. You have earned as much Bitcoin as you have […] Read More >>

Earn Money with Super Pop Quiz (Earnhoney App)

Super Pop Quiz is one of the many apps you can use to earn with Earnhoney. It is a paid-to-answer application. For technical details, please visit here. You can also sign up here for it (affiliate). The sign in for Super Pop Quiz is the same as your Earnhoney login. When you earn on Super […] Read More >>

Sort Through Bitcoin Paying Options on TheTechSlugs Archives

Bitcoin is certainly a viable payment option! You can now sort through on TheTechSlugs Archives to find apps and sites that pay in Bitcoin. The criteria for being an app or site that pays in Bitcoin is that you must enter your wallet address for direct payment. TheTechSlugs will be able to pay users in […] Read More >>

Change the Hostname of Your Android Device

You may want to change the hostname of your Android device for organizational purposes. My money-making Androids are already numbered physically and in their build.prop file. This is a new method I am doing to keep the DHCP tables nice and neat. You are going to need ADB for this. Download ADB & Fastboot Windows […] Read More >>

Money Volcano Gives Away TechSlugs Points

Money Volcano has been updated to give away TechSlugs Points! This is an update from simply gift cards. With this, earnings should be spread out more to other users. These are redeemable on the forum for PayPal rewards and Amazon gift cards: Check the FAQ here for more information as well as the video […] Read More >>

How to Root & Unlock the Moto E4 on Android 7.1.1 Nougat (Magisk or SuperUser)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to unlock and root the Moto E4. Before I begin, here is the link (affiliate) in which you can purchase one. I recommend the unlocked standard version. Buy it right (a good used model). I am unsure if the Boost Mobile model can be bootloader unlocked and […] Read More >>

Make Money Scratching Tickets & Watching Videos with DailyWin

DailyWin is a smartphone app that pays users to do scratch off tickets, do surveys, and watch videos. It was previously looked at on the channel as the WalletBuffet app, a trusted way to make money. You can download it for Android here and for iOS here. The main way to earn money is by […] Read More >>

How to Increase Your Earnings When Watching Videos Online [Method]

When watching videos to make money online, you may have earning. This is most likely because you are not getting any advertisements to view before your videos. These pre-roll videos are served several different ways. Two ways are popular: Adobe Flash Player HTML5 Video Note: I have gotten a few questions about JW Player. JW […] Read More >>

Make Money Moving & Exercising with the Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin is another paid-to-exercise app. Not many of these are found in our app archive section. You can sign up on my affiliate link here. For signup, you will just have to enter your email and phone number. I found that even if you delete the app and health data, the information remains bonded to […] Read More >>