What is Cryptocurrency? (Infographic)

What is cryptocurrency? This infographic explains it well: Source: Read More >>

Top 5 Apps for Making Money in 2018

With limited phones to use for making money, you want to make sure you are using the best apps for making cash to maximize your routine. These are my current top apps in 2018 for making cash. They are all passive apps. All links to the app for download/signup can be accessed by clicking on […] Read More >>

Top 5 Passive Money Making Apps (Not Videos!)

Most paid-to-watch applications are passive. Currently, most of the 33 video apps/sites in the archives are also passive options. So what are some good passive apps that you could use that don’t involve watching videos? This list will give you my favorite apps like this. Most can be (and are meant to be) used on […] Read More >>

2018 Spring Earning Promotion: 20% Increase In Earnings and Referrals

It is now spring for TheTechSlugs and some changes have been made to earning on TheTechSlugs! This promotion lasts for one month and ends May 8th, 2018. You can earn on TheTechSlugs with the methods listed here. You can also click on any of the “type of earning” links below to take you to the […] Read More >>

Best Money Making Apps that Pay to Download

There are many apps that pay you to download other apps. It is a large category in the archives. Here, I will share what my favorite ones are. Factors that go into picking my favorite: Earning method (passive/non-passive) Reward options (PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards?) Consistency, reliability, and trustworthiness With the list below, you can click […] Read More >>

Is iOS or Android Better for Making Money?

I recently sold all of my iOS Devices. The only iOS device I now own is my main phone. I use this device as a normal phone. Here is why. They Are Overpriced for This I just sold my iPhone 6 on eBay for $150. This could buy 3 to 5 decent mid-range Androids to […] Read More >>

How to Find New Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

Many new cryptocurrencies are created daily and it can be hard to find them. I use an app called Crypto Pro to find new cryptocurrencies and manage portfolios. Two downsides to the app (these are the only downsides I see): The app costs $5. The app is iOS only at the time of this writing […] Read More >>

Holiday Giveaway 2017 Instructions

The holiday giveaway will begin soon! There will be many opportunities to win today on these platforms: – Facebook Page – Facebook Group – Twitter – TheTechSlugs Forum Opportunities to win will be posted everywhere, but entry is only on one platform. Example: I post in The FB group there is a PayPal giveaway on […] Read More >>

Trade Stocks and Options For Free with Robinhood

Alright, so I know this is a lot different than what we usually talk about on TheTechSlugs, but this app just came to my attention a few months ago as a commission-free stock trading app (they also recently added free options trading). This is more risky than simply making money online! Understand the implications of […] Read More >>

Make Money Opening Apps with AppZone

AppZone is a paid-to-downland app that is just like AppLike. You can sign up here [affiliate]. Instead of making money only downloading apps, you also make money using the apps. You earn very little for the initial download. Most of your income will come from using the app for several hours. The more you use […] Read More >>