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$1800: Routine Statistics

This page is to give details about my cash routine.

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Device Counts

Joe's Cash Device Tally
Device NameQuantity
Phones/Mobile Devices
Moto E 2nd Generation 8GB Global GSM4
Moto E 2nd Generation 8GB Boost Mobile12
Moto G 2nd Generation 8GB Global GSM3
Moto G 1st Generation 8GB Global GSM1
LG Optimus Zone 315
LG Tribute 213
LG Volt 26
LG Optimus Fuel2
LG Lucky6
Apple iPhone 5 16GB2
Apple iPhone 5S 16GB2
Apple iPhone 6 16GB1
Apple iPhone 6S 16GB1
Apple iPhone 7 128GB [MAIN]1
Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation 16GB2
LG Voyager 22
Custom Hackintosh1
ASUS-K52J Laptop1
HP-Stream 7 Tablet3


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