Recommended Computers

Many computers will work for you when it comes to making money. The amount of processing power required to run many of these cash websites is offered by most, unless if you are using many at once or remote accessing many devices. The more you do the more power you will need. Just remember the general guidelines I provided.
Here are some ideas if you are trying to decide what to buy.


Desktops are good for making money for two reasons:

  1. They are cheap for what you get.
  2. They are easily expandable.

Your actual money-making computer doing real work shouldn’t have to be mobile. You keep it on your money-making network you invested so much in and remote access it from wherever you go. You also want expandability on the hardware side as you expand your routine.

Building Your Own Computer for Making Money

Link to full list can be found by clicking here.

This is the list of parts in my main money computer. Now keep in mind, this computer is doing a lot to make money. It also serves as a remote access server to all of my other devices and is my video editing computer. Your cash computer doesn’t need all of this! Take out the 2TB hard drive, the 2K display, the mechanical keyboard, mouse, and downgrade a few other parts. This computer is decked out.
I think building is the best option. You can build something very powerful. It will be able to handle all of the websites you use and any remote access that you do.

However, I understand many of you probably do not want to build your own computer. Here are some other options.

Gaming Computers

So if you aren’t interested in building your own desktop but want a powerful one, search for gaming computer on any site that sells computers. Gaming computers have above average parts. They have above average RAM, better cooling, faster CPUs, and a dedicated GPU. You will get a computer that can do plenty of money making.

Raspberry Pi

This is a mini computer that can fit in to your hand. It has a 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM processor and 1 GB of RAM, quite similar specs to a phone. It also has a couple of USB ports, WiFi, and Bluetooth built in. Don’t expect it to run as a remote access server for you while making money on multiple sites, but the price should tell you that as it only goes for $35. It could do at least one money-making site.


I recently purchased a tablet for making money. I am impressed. It is a cross between a phone and computer as far as functionality. I don’t think it can serve as a remote access computer, but it could definitely do a site or two.

HP Stream 7

The HP Stream 7 can be bought for as low as $50. It has a 1 GHz Intel Quad-Core Atom CPU with 1GB of RAM.
It runs Windows 8 and can usually do online one money-making site at a time.
Make sure when you get the tablet you uninstall everything that isn’t needed and get rid of any unwanted processes. No bloatware allowed!


I don’t see the point in getting a laptop for making money, unless you get a really cheap one. You are paying for mobility that you do not need. You could get a laptop for remote accessing your desktop at home for when you are away, but you could do that just as adequately with your main phone.

Google Chromebooks

This is a cheap option that does a few cash websites well. It goes for about $200 new. It runs Chrome OS however which could hinder your ability to install certain software such as a VNC server or viewer. It is best to be used with a cash website or two.

Go here to see recommended phones if you haven’t.

If you are done with these tutorials, learn about getting your devices set up for making money next. There are tutorials for setting up Android, iOS, and Windows computers.