Top 5 Passive Money Making Apps (Not Videos!)

Most paid-to-watch applications are passive. Currently, most of the 33 video apps/sites in the archives are also passive options. So what are some good passive apps that you could use that don’t involve watching videos? This list will give you my favorite apps like this.
Most can be (and are meant to be) used on your main phone. Passive video is fairly hard on a phone done all the time. Most people wouldn’t want their main phone to be used for watching videos.

You can click on any of the titles found in the list here to open the archives page showing signup/download links as well as more details about the app.

Panel App

Panel App is my favorite app that is completely passive. You could install this on your main/personal phone or on a money device. It just tracks your usage on that device. You can just let it go on your phone as you go about your days and get a few free redeems each year. As far as rewards, they offer sweepstakes (not interested) and guaranteed Amazon gift cards.


Sweatcoin is a really cool option if you live in a walkable area or are active outside a lot. It tracks your steps, and the more you move, the more sweatcoins you earn. Don’t expect to earn a lot, but you can let it go on your phone and forget about it. The reward options are good with Amazon and PayPal and this app is obviously meant for your main/personal phone you carry all day.

MoneySMS & McMoney

Money SMS & McMoney are both similar apps. They are both paid-to-view text messages option like our last option on the list. It is Android only, so you can only use this if your main/personal phone is Android (or basically if you have a SIM card in one of your Android devices). You get paid each time a text message from them shows up to your device. MoneySMS is not available in the US!


CashMagnet is an Android only app that allows you to earn money for passively surfing websites. You can just click start earning when you sign up and open the app. It has more potential for earning over the other apps I have been looking at here, but this is one I wouldn’t recommend using on your main/personal phone. It’s something that will have to be opened up all the time to be earning.

Yes, it has .com at then end so it is a website, not an app. However, you just put in your phone number to sign up. FreeEats will send you text messages. Each text message will earn you money just by you receiving it. Sometimes they require a response, but it is straightforward. You can’t earn much with this. I may make a few dollars a year. They pay through PayPal.