Expenses of Making Money with Smartphones

How much money do you spend to make money? Here are the expenses from largest to smallest for most setups.

1: Smartphones

Smartphones are the most expensive item on the list because you have to buy many of them to make a substantial earning in your routine. You also have to account for battery replacements and even whole phone replacements as they can die from being constantly used and running hot. The cheapest phones you buy generally will not last a long time.

2: Home/Business Internet Plan

This should perhaps not even be included since people have internet for a lot more now, but when it is, it becomes a huge expense. A good internet plan that is robust enough for making money can cost you $1000 a year.

3: Computers

Computers is basically at a tie or more depending on how computer-heavy your cash setup will be. You can get some cheap computers for around $50 such as tablets. You could buy a few of these and do a few websites on each which won’t cost you a lot. I have a fairly powerful and expensive computer along with a few smaller ones. The powerful computer runs the majority of my computer cash setup.

4: Equipment and Cables

Between buying better network equipment, creating an infrastructure for your devices, and buying cables for your devices, you will spend at least a few hundred dollars here. Not all phones come with a USB cable or the right kind for how your setup is designed.

4: Electricity

This is a minimal cost compared to other items on the lists as read about on the misconceptions page. You will not spend a lot on powering smartphones and computers, but they still draw some power.

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