Introduction to Making Money with Smartphones and Computers

Welcome to TheTechSlugs and I am glad you are interested. This is a great opportunity for you to make some extra money.

I am going to go through all basics with you as to how I am making $1000 a month with my smartphones. I iterated in the introduction video that this takes some work. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and you will soon see that! This only proves it’s validity. Not everyone has the tenacity for this, but hey, you are interested and serious for reading this, so on with it.

Basic Background Information

You make money with smartphones and computers by using different apps and websites. I sometimes call these apps and websites collectively cash or money-making services. You use the apps and websites to usually make a virtual currency. It is called the point system, or sometimes the websites and apps flat-out tell you the amount of cash you are earning in dollars or some other real-world currency. The points system may have different names. It may run off of points, tokens, credits, or some other made up currency. It is just a made up name. Look at the conversion rates to see what they are actually worth. You convert or redeem the virtual currency then to real money or gift cards. These are sometimes called rewards. It is best to use multiple devices and phones to make more money.

What I consider the best rewards to redeem for:

These are the four rewards I most often redeem with the apps and websites.
There is almost always a useful gift card on the app or website you can use to purchase wants or essentials to life. Alternatively, you can always find a way to convert your gift cards to real money or another gift card.

Each site and app on its own isn’t going to make you a lot of money. Some services are bigger than others. One app or site may earn you $10 a month while another may earn you $200 a month. The success in this is being able to build up a mix of money-making services and devices. You do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket because #1 it makes you less money and #2 it will cause more fluctuation in your monthly income.

There are so many apps and websites you can use. I have not tried them all. I am always looking to find more ways to make money with computers and smartphones.

Continue on the tutorial by going to where I talk to you about getting started with one phone.

Also be sure to check out the misconceptions page before going on. There is a chance you have a few by now.