Is iOS or Android Better for Making Money?

I recently sold all of my iOS Devices.
The only iOS device I now own is my main phone. I use this device as a normal phone.

Here is why.

They Are Overpriced for This

I just sold my iPhone 6 on eBay for $150. This could buy 3 to 5 decent mid-range Androids to make money on. I will make a profit selling my iOS devices even if I use the money to buy Android devices for their spots along with two or three other ones. A more expensive device can also mean a longer return on investment.

They Are Less Reliable

I have been away from my devices a lot more lately, and it has made me notice how often iOS devices that are jailbroken with useful things installed such as remote access software, crash. It could depend on the jailbreak that you have installed, but I cannot wait around for the perfect and stable jailbreak.

They Are Not Unique Enough

There is nothing an iOS device can do better than an Android as far as earning. I mentioned a longer ROI, and this is true partly because they don’t earn at any faster rate than the Android device that costs $30. In fact it can earn slower (at least for me) because of the reliability issues when jailbroken.

Jailbreaking Is Harder Than Rooting

You cannot always find a jailbreak. Jailbreaking is a window of opportunity. Apple patches any new jailbreaks quickly. Not all jailbreaks are created equal either. Some are more reliable than others, but you cannot sit around waiting for a good one when you want your device to make money to at least pay for itself. Rooting on the other hand can always be done. If a device is rootable, patches are not released so quickly if at all. Root tools exist that make it even easier to root than jailbreak, rarely requiring a computer.