$0 to $100: How to Build Your Income with One Smartphone

I get it, most people don’t have a crazy 58 smartphones and 5 computers to begin with. You don’t need that many to begin with, but you won’t be making a whole lot with only one phone or computer (certainly not $1000).

Here are some tips I have for when you are just beginning.

Start with Paid-To-Download Apps

You can find a whole list of these on the archives page. Just sort by category. I recommend you do these because although it is manual, you can earn a lot really quickly just with one phone. After a few days of doing this, your income on them will go down as you complete most of the beginner offers but it will give you Amazon gift cards or PayPal to buy more devices.

Look for Highest Income Per-Phone Apps in My Routine

On my cash routine page, I have an updated spreadsheet of what I am doing at the moment to make money. Pay attention to the apps that are making me a lot of money with few phones. These are obviously the best bang-for-your buck apps you should start with.

Focus on Your Computer Routine

I am assuming you have at least one computer, even if it is personal, to use for making money. The nice thing about computers is that you can earn money while having other programs open. You can also earn with multiple websites at the same time. On a phone, you can only have 1 money app open at a time usually.

Here is a video related to starting.

To continue on this tutorial, learn about what expenses you will have for making money this way.

Alternatively, continue by learning your options for apps and websites to use.