The Misconceptions of Making Money with Smartphones and Computers

Oh, people always have opinions!
They also talk about stuff they really know nothing about.
We all do it! Here are the most common comments I get about this that puts people off.

Your Cell Phone Bill Must Be Really Expensive!

It is SO common:
You can use a cell phone without service provided to you from a carrier. You just bypass any activations and put them on airplane mode. You can even remove any SIM cards that a seller or you left in the device (although you will need a SIM to bypass activation after restoring an IOS device, and you should get rid of the NO SIM message on it). You also don’t need to do this if you are using Apple iPod Touches as money devices. I have a few of those.

The Electric Bill Must Be Really High

If the electric bill is high, perhaps you should assess how often you have the air conditioner on or replace your single pane windows with double pane. Do less laundry. Upgrade to energy efficient appliances. Also remember to shut the fridge door when you aren’t getting food out.

A tiny consumer electronic uses virtually no power in the grand scheme of things. Not even 30 can make a difference. As long as you are making money on them, the expense is negligible.
Watch this for more information:

Also, watch this for a reading with a meter for a month’s electricity cost of my whole cash room.

How do you make so much money? I tried it out, and you can’t make that much!

Alright, we can be logical about this. I already shared some important information regarding this on the general background information page.
You will make money doing this if you have these three qualities within you and your routine.

  1. You must have variety.
  2. You must have volume.
  3. And most importantly, you must have persistence.

Variety as I explained earlier. A lot has to be used to make money. You have to stack money-making methods.
Volume as in 58 phones and 5 computers. You have to stack money-making nodes to catch the cash.
Persistence is important to be good at anything. You have to keep it up and continue to build it up. It is as simple as that.

I don’t have 58 phones, so I can’t do this.

You are right! You can’t do it.

Right now.

Do you think I had all of these devices just lying around? The first misconception should make this clear for you. You don’t need to have them with you right now! I started with one phone just like the rest of you. I built my way to this number of devices. When a serious person is first starting out, I recommend you put in a few bucks ($100 or so) to get a hold of some phones to start (That can get 2 or 3 mid range phones for this). If you really don’t have any money lying around, start with your main phone or a computer you have. Any device that can connect to the internet and runs software older than me (I was born in 1998) can get you going in some way! You may only make $20 this month, but you have to start somewhere.

Go to the pages where I talk about buying cash phones if you want to get more phones to use right now.

Go to the app archives page and start finding apps and websites to use right now on one or two devices if you just want to begin earning. You can then save up money to purchase more smartphones and visit the cash phone buyer’s guide pages. Learn the right apps and websites to use effectively as well.

Continue on the tutorial to how you can start with just one phone here.