How to Make $2 a Day with Adlove on One Phone

I used Adlove back in June 2016 and made video about it.
My earning methods were different back then. I used the video section, which doesn’t offer many points for me anymore. Subsequent forced updates capped the earning with it significantly.

Now I earn with Adlove using the listening section.

  1. Either turn on the TV or search the internet for popular ads to play.
  2. Open Adlove on your phone and go to the listening section.
  3. Click listen and let it hear the ad play. A popup should appear. Rate the ad and submit for points!
adlove listening demonstration

Click listen and let it sit for a few seconds. It should detect the ad within 15 to 20 seconds.

This is how I am earning $2 a day with one phone. Don’t try to use more than one phone! I tried using more than one device with the listening section similarly to how I did the videos section. In every case I tried, it wouldn’t let more than one phone on a network listening for ads.
If the ad doesn’t detect within 30 seconds, it probably never will. Close and retry.

Finding Ads to Play

Popular ads such as Super Bowl ads detect the best.
You could also search for best ads of 2016 or 2015.
A great option would be to get ads on Adlove itself. Look at the ads available in the best and worst categories on Adlove and type those commercial names into YouTube. You could then create a playlist with all of those commercials!

My Earning Log for Adlove

Earning Log
App: AdloveRelease: November 2, 2016
DateBalanceGainConversionCash OutEarning Notes
October 288,725ptsFrom prior day10,000pts = $1Affects next dayPhones Used: 1 - Moto E 2nd Generation
October 2930,280pts21,555pts$2.16good day, used Super Bowl 2015 ads mostly to earn
October 3050,555pts20,275pts$2.0350000cashed out $5 (50,000pts)
October 3120,255pts19,700pts$1.97
November 142,305pts22,050pts$2.21strong in morning, taper off afternoon
November 250,480pts8,175pts$0.82only did part of afternoon then made video
Total:91,755pts$9.1850000General Notes:
Usage: ~14 hours a day
Remember to find most recent ads. Usually the ads that are shown on the app in sections like “best” and “worst” are available for listening as well. Also remember to rotate ads frequently!
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