Make $1 a Day with RewardsPlaza

RewardsPlaza is a new website I have found for making money online. It offers many ways to earn. You can do surveys, paid-to-click offers, apps, and watching videos.

I am using the watch videos section to make my money. It is mostly passive, so it should be easy for you to make money doing this.

Here are the steps.
NOTE: RewardsPlaza is one account per household. Make sure you understand the TOS if you have any questions about what you can do.

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Go to the earn dropdown.
  3. Go to Videos.
  4. EngageMe.TV videos work the best. Use any of these.

Earning Log

Earning Log
Site: RewardsPlazaRelease: November 19, 2016
DateBalanceGainConversionCash OutEarning Notes
November 1483ptsFrom prior day100pts = $1Affects next dayComputers Used: 1 - Windows 7 - 1024MB of RAM
November 15163.33pts80.33pts$0.80It did well with little glitches.
November 16251.75pts88.42pts$0.88200
November 17176.33pts124.58pts$1.25Many ads today
November 18265.6pts89.27pts$0.89200
November 19149.3pts83.7pts$0.84
Total:466.3pts$4.66400General Notes:
Usage: All day and all night
Make sure you are there to make sure it is working! After awhile, it needs fixed. Overall, quite good. It is consistent and there isn’t much to say, although it would be cooler if we could earn a bit more with this!
CREATED BY: Joe from TheTechSlugs -