Make $2 a Day with InboxDollars on Cash TV

I have been using InboxDollars for a few months.

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There are many things you can do on InboxDollars to make money. You can do surveys, offers, search the web, and even play games. It is a lot like Swagbucks in this regard.

However, I have been using the TV feature on Inbox Dollars to make money. I haven’t really used anything else to make money on InboxDollars. You can watch videos on one device only per account (remember InboxDollars only allows one account per household!). I got a message saying I was watching with too many devices when I tried two devices.

Once you get InboxDollars, make sure you sign up with real information. You may want to get a check payout and they don’t tolerate fake info.

You can do Cash TV on their iOS app, Android app, or on their website. Yo won’t get extra for using all three, although the website offers a $.01 bonus for using it once a day.

Once you get on, just start watching videos. It is mostly passive but will have an “are you still watching?” message every once in awhile.

email example cash TV earnings

The email InboxDollars will send once your Cash TV earnings are approved – check out that precise earning!

Once you hit the $2 a day limit, you will get a message saying you hit the limit for Cash TV. You also don’t actually get the money right away when watching. It goes into a pending balance. They have to make sure you got your views lawfully and you get an email the next day when the money is actually in your account.

Important information to remember: