Make $3 a Day with Adfun Watching Videos

I found Adfun around a year ago, but saw no potential in it for earning.
A few months ago, I tried it again and it turns out they had added a consistent video section for earning.

Make sure when you download Adfun you make only one account. The limit is one account per household although there is no limit for how many devices you can have.

Once you sign up and start using the app, navigate to the channel section. Here, you can watch videos to make money on several channels. For me, Channel 1, Channel 3, and Channel 5 work the best. Channel 5 is mostly passive!

Earning Log for Adfun

Earning Log
App: AdfunRelease: November 12, 2016
DateBalanceGainConversionCash OutEarning Notes
October 179,800ptsFrom prior day6,000pts = $1Affects next dayPhones Used: 2.5 - Moto G 3rd Generation Global GSM x 2, Moto E 2nd Generation x 1/2
October 1821,980pts12,180pts$2.03Cashed out earlier in day, pretty good
October 1933,320pts11,340pts$1.89Pretty good day and smooth earning
October 2043,640pts10,320pts$1.72
October 2154,320pts10,680pts$1.78
October 2269,060pts14,740pts$2.46
October 2379,345pts10,285pts$1.71
October 2487,530pts8,185pts$1.36Lower earnings, less videos
October 25100,795pts13,265pts$2.21
Total:90,995pts$15.170General Notes:
Duration of usage: All day and night on 2 devices. I used it on a Moto E 2nd generation at night only.
After this earning log, I decided to add another device for nighttime only. This has boosted the earning a bit.
CREATED BY: Joe from TheTechSlugs -


I was making about $2 a day with 2.5 devices. The half comes from a device being used on Adfun for only part of the day. I am now using another device for half a day for a total of 3 devices.