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Make Money with Smartphones and Computers

Make $3 a Day with ChargerPay

ChargerPay has been in and out of my routine for the last year.
I have been using 10 devices with it for the past few months. This is all on one account in the same household.
Here is the archives listing for ChargerPay for TOS details and technicalities.

Instructions for earning $3 a Day with ChargerPay:

  • You need multiple phones. I recommend LG Lucky TracFones for this as they are cheap and work well with ChargerPay. You can pick how many you want to use, but I have 10.
  • Sign in on all of the phones. Use the same account for all devices.
  • Set a payment email on one of the phones. This is where the Tango Cards will go when payout is complete.
  • Open the app on all phones. The first page is for earning. I recommend checking every once in awhile to make sure nothing has stopped it. Each device shows its own balance and during several periods during the day, that balance is deposited to the overall bank balance.
  • Remember that payments are automatic with ChargerPay! You don’t have to worry about doing any cashouts. It will cashout at around 100,000 for $5. It takes one month for the payment to arrive.

    Also, at the time of this writing, expect payouts to be lower for the next few months. January and part of February are bad times for making money with smartphones and computers.