Delete Cache AND Data on Android Automatically

I have found many cache/junk cleaners on Google Play, some of which will even delete cache automatically at regular intervals such as 1Tap Boost. However, the keyword here is data. I want a data clearer as well that can get rid of those files, as they can get very big, usually bigger than the cache.

I didn’t find any apps to do it, so I am using a combination of Script Manager and ES File Explorer to get the job done.

I used Script Manager once before with Scheduled Reboots on Android.

Example Script File


This is the file I created in the below instructional video for deleting the cache and data. It is a very simple 3 line script (2 for you since the first is auto generated).
You may have to change the file path depending on your phone and of course the folder names according to the cash app.

Schedule it as you please within Advanced->Scheduler on script manager.