Make a $1 a Day with AppLike

AppLike is an app that pays you to download apps. While we have many apps just like this in the archive section already, AppLike is slightly different from the rest of them. You can sign up with AppLike here.

All other apps that pay to download other apps I have seen pay for the download itself. You download an app, use it for a few minutes, and then you get points for that. That is all. You can’t earn anything else. AppLike, however, pays you as you go. You earn based on how long you use an app.

Earning Log

Earning Log
App: AppLikeRelease: January 28, 2017
DateBalanceGainConversionCash OutEarning Notes
January 244,444ptsFrom prior day10,000pts = $1Affects next dayPhones Used: (1) - LG Optimus Zone 3 (1)
January 2521,938pts17,494pts$1.75Used the first app on the list - by end of day, lower earning with app
January 2627,913pts5,975pts$0.60Had to switch apps to get better value, bad for part of day
January 2751,156pts23,243pts$2.32Good earning, kept well-paying apps open
January 285,707pts4,551pts$0.4650,000ptsNot much earning, cashed out during video.
Total:51,263pts$5.1350,000ptsGeneral Notes:
This app can be pretty passive. You just need to make sure that you use an app that provides a good value for your time and switch when the app isn’t providing a good value.
Your earnings may be up and down as well from switching apps.
CREATED BY: Joe from TheTechSlugs -


Overall, my earnings were very up and down. It was from switching between apps as they lose value. In order to make money on this app, you have to keep apps open on your phone you were paid to download and use. Over time the app loses value. You have to at least once a day use a different app unless if it is a very good offer.

Make sure you take a look at the TOS as well as the archives listing! Rules and technicalities are posted there.