Free Rewards App: Is this a scam?

I normally wait to earn with cash smartphone apps or money-making websites before I make a video about them. This way, I can give you an idea as to how much money you can make with them. This app, Rewardo, will be a bit different.

I have used a lot of money-making apps and websites before. I can tell when something doesn’t look right. Here are a few reasons I am skeptical:

It Offers No Low Cashout Options

Usually users like to test an app to make sure it works before they commit to earning a lot with it. The lowest cashout option is 4500 points. At an average of 15 points per day (average for me), it will take 300 days for a cashout!

The conversion rate is too good.

If this app paid and offered lower cashout options, it would easily be the best cash app I have ever used! The $500 Amazon Gift Card, the lowest offered, costs 5700 points. 5700 / 500 = ~11.4 points per $1. You currently get 3 points to 5 points per video. This means you only have to watch 2 to 3 videos for $1.
If you have ever used money-making apps, you know this conversion is too good to be true. I have never seen such a high rate before.

These are enough to make the app seem like a scam. I can’t completely know for sure however. Let us know your experience with the app!