Earn Watching Videos Passively with Toolbar TV!

Toolbar TV is an extension for Swagbucks. If you haven’t signed up with Swagbucks already, you can do so here with my link.

Toolbar TV is a pretty passive way to earn watching videos. You can get it one of two ways:

  1. Go to this URL: http://toolbartv.swagbucks.com. Just watch in this window.
  2. Get the SwagButton Chrome Extension here.

I prefer the first way. I think it is easier to use it in its own tab, but you can also enlarge the SwagButton extension into its own window. Either way is pretty good.
If you want to watch Toolbar on a mobile device you can using the first way. I have been using it with a desktop.

Earning with Toolbar TV

Toolbar TV Earning Log

I was earning about $0.30 to $0.40 a day with Toolbar TV. This was with constant usage throughout the day, some days maxing out the possible earning. There are several playlists available with a finite number of videos. You can only watch all of the videos once per day for points. Your bar will increase 5% after each video watched. Once your bar reaches 100%, you are rewarded 3 Swagbucks and it resets to 0%.

It is passive because there is no captcha and it goes to the next video automatically. Once you reach the end of the playlist, however, you will have to go to the next playlist. For me, I have to do this every hour to a few hours depending on the number of videos in the playlist.

This may replace the SB apps in my routine or be add-ons. I haven’t decided yet but you will see any changes on my routine page!