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Make $1 a Day with KoinMe by Viewing Content

KoinMe is a fairly new website that pays you to view content. Other popular paid to view apps similar to this are ChargerPay and RewardRack. Here is a link to sign up.

You also earn $5 for signing up! However, you won’t actually be able to cash that out right away. They make sure your first cash out is at least $10, although they offer $5 rewards.

The earning is very simple after signing up:

  1. Go to the offers page (it is the home page).
  2. Click on one of the offer tiles
  3. Two popups appear. One for your progress and one of the content you are paid to view. It will view each page for 30 seconds on average. There are 10 pages to view per offer on average.
  4. It will credit you automatically after viewing all pages in the offer. You are then taken to the next offer.
  5. I noticed that I was earning around 1 koin per offer. 100 Koins = $1.
    You will have to earn for most of the day in order to make a $1. Most days I had enough offers to earn $1, but some not. Check my earning log to see.

    My Earning Log for KoinMe

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    They also have good rewards such as Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks gift cards.
    You can vote for points on your experience with KoinMe here.