Make Money Watching Videos on TheTechSlugs Feature Addition!

You can now earn money watching videos on TheTechSlugs!

A few things to note:

Come check it out:

The unlimited video offers are 8 points each. Make sure that you don’t quit until you earn at least 8 points for watching. This will require you to watch three videos. If you don’t watch at least three, you will not earn for that offer. It can sometimes take a few minutes to get the points. If you don’t receive points for watching, it is likely that there are no ads in the system for you to earn with.
Regarding the availability of this outside the US: I was told by many that this doesn’t work outside of North America, and no videos will show for you. The offers below will show however. You can also still earn with other methods such as posting on the forum and voting on cash apps!

Current Ways to Earn on TheTechSlugs

This adds to the ways you can already earn on TheTechSlugs (current values for earning included):

PayPal and Amazon cashouts are offered in $10 amounts currently. The minimum cashout may be lowered in the future.

Upcoming Plans to Earn on TheTechSlugs