Top 5 Apps for Making Money in 2017

With limited phones to use for making money, you want to make sure you are using the best apps for making cash to maximize your routine. These are my current top apps for making cash. All links to the app for download/signup can be accessed by clicking on the title of the app.


AppTrailers is a paid-to-watch app that is through Perk now, something I want to cover soon. All rewards are via this and the conversions are the same. Users must convert over to Perk points to start earning.


CheckPoints is a paid-to-shop and paid-to-watch app, but its video section is the part you can earn the most with. You can have 10 devices per account.

I cashout Amazon all the time. You can do PayPal, but the points per dollar is a lot worse. They also offer several other gift cards. It takes a few business days to receive payment usually unless if you are new.

#3Rewardable TV

Rewardable TV is a paid-to-watch app by Rewardable. It plays videos between GIFs basically.

You can earn for PayPal cashout provided you have a valid name on profile! You can use multiple devices. Although it works great, be comfortable with waiting. It takes a month to receive payment usually.

#2Perk Apps

Note that I am talking multiple apps here. There are plenty of apps with Perk in front of them. Some of the top ones that I like the most are Perk TV, Perk TV LIVE!, Perk Word Search, and Perk Pop Quiz. Try these as well as others you come across to see which one is earning the best. I will be making some test videos for this as well.

You can cashout Amazon, PayPal, and so many other gift cards. They probably have one of the best selections. They payout all user rewards three times a week.


YooLotto has a temporary unlimited devices program that lets you have unlimited devices! With this, you can earn as much or as little as you can handle. It is a paid-to-watch app.

They payout via PayPal and Amazon. You receive the rewards within a few business days.