How to Increase Your Earnings When Watching Videos Online [Method]

When watching videos to make money online, you may have earning. This is most likely because you are not getting any advertisements to view before your videos.
These pre-roll videos are served several different ways. Two ways are popular:

Note: I have gotten a few questions about JW Player. JW Player is not like the above two! It is just video playing software that uses that uses either of the two technologies.

Lots of content is being served over HTML5 now. However, Flash is still a big player, and some browsers like Google Chrome may block its use when it sees HTML5 is available. The issue with this is that some of the ads can only be served over Flash while the main content may be HTML5. This means you will receive less available ads.
The following methods are being done with Google Chrome, but can be applied to any web browser that is not using flash like it should.

Steps to Forcing Flash Player

  1. Click on the i Symbol in your url bar or the lock icon (depending if content is HTTP or HTTPS) and go down to flash on the menu. Click and change to always allow on this site.
  2. Visit in Chrome: chrome://flags/.
  3. Go to these flags:
  4. Restart the browser. Flash content will now be served!

Watch this video for a visual of what to do: