How to Make Over $100 a Month with Perk Apps

In my recent routine video, I talk about my Perk routine. I will go into more detail here. You can sign up with Perk on my affiliate by clicking here.

Devices Breakdown

I am using 7 devices with Perk currently. I use the following devices. You can purchase them via Amazon on my affiliate or on eBay. Look for the best deal!

4 Moto E 2nd Generation 8GB Global GSM
3 Moto E 2nd Generation 8GB Boost Mobile


3 Devices: Perk TV
3 Devices: Perk Word Search
1 Device: Perk TV LIVE!

For more information, visit my updated routine here.

This may seem like a lot considering the old TOS, but there is no set limit to how many devices you can use now. Although you can have issues with using too many devices such as a lack of videos to watch for money, I find that taking breaks with the apps helps.

I always take a few hour break watching throughout the day. Also, one day a week I will stop watching altogether for as long as 8 to 10 hours. This helps to reset the videos in my experience.