Make Money Moving & Exercising with the Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin is another paid-to-exercise app. Not many of these are found in our app archive section. You can sign up on my affiliate link here. For signup, you will just have to enter your email and phone number. I found that even if you delete the app and health data, the information remains bonded to that phone. This is the case with iOS as I cannot speak for Android currently.


This app pays you based on GPS and health data from your phone. The more you move outdoors, the more you are paid. 1000 steps = 1 Sweatcoin. You can also compete against others in your area by checking the leaderboard for people who have moved the most in a day. The app has a fairly good referral system that gives 5 of these sweatcoins per signup.
Users who move a lot will also have to pay a monthly fee tier system. As you earn more steps, you must upgrade your “plan.” You don’t pay real money, just Sweatcoins you have earned.


Based on some of the rewards available, it seems that around 4-5 Sweatcoins = $1 (ex. 4500 sweatcoins for a MSRP $1000 item). However, the rewards are not that great. Amazon gift cards are available, but only through invites. There are not many physical items, and the ones available don’t appear to be very liquid (ex. a magazine subscription, not very resellable in most cases).

Overall, I think it is a cool app, ultimately very passive. It will drain your battery a bit though, and it will depend on you are located or your lifestyle for how much you can earn with it. There also could be better rewards.