6 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoins Online

There are many methods shown on TheTechSlugs for making money online and with smartphones. Here are sites catering to Bitcoin payouts! Rather than getting a PayPal payout, you can go directly to Bitcoin. All you have to do on these sites is enter your wallet address. You have earned as much Bitcoin as you have USD shown in your balance when you cash out. The exchange rate between the two currencies will dictate how much you get.

Click the titles of each site if you want to visit the archives listing in TheTechSlugs for more information. The signup links are affiliate.


Earnably is a site that pays you to do tasks, surveys and watch videos. The site has good rates for EngageMe.tv. You can sign up here.


Grindabuck is another popular option. The minimum is $10 USD for Bitcoin payouts. You can sign up here.


Earn.gg is a passive paid-to-watch site offering direct payouts to bitcoin. The minimum for Bitcoin is $0.75. You can sign up here.


DollarClix is a site that has many options for earning. The minimum Bitcoin payout is $10 like Grindabuck. You can sign up here.


Cashvid.io is a passive paid-to-watch site. The rates aren’t as good as Earnably for watching, but still an option for Bitcoin payout. You can sign up here.


Clixsense was added in because if you do a Tango Card cashout, one of the options is Bitcoin. It isn’t necessarily direct, but still reduces fees associated going to Fiat currency first and then buying Bitcoin. You can sign up here.