Make Money Scratching Tickets & Watching Videos with DailyWin

DailyWin is a smartphone app that pays users to do scratch off tickets, do surveys, and watch videos. It was previously looked at on the channel as the WalletBuffet app, a trusted way to make money. You can download it for Android here and for iOS here.

The main way to earn money is by doing scratch cards. Users can earn a multitude of point values if they match 3 items on the app. 1000 points = $1. If the user does not win points, they will still earn 1 point for trying and can hit the done button to cancel the scratch at any time. There are about 13 scratch cards the users can play currently once per day. They reset at 7PM EST.

As far as earning with videos go, I could earn about 20 to 30 points at a time before I ran out. This was done on a Moto E4. Your results will vary based on location and device of course.

Payments can be made via PayPal currently which is plenty for me. They have other gift cards and games coming soon!