Holiday Giveaway 2017 Instructions

The holiday giveaway will begin soon!
There will be many opportunities to win today on these platforms:
– Facebook Page
– Facebook Group
– Twitter
– TheTechSlugs Forum
Opportunities to win will be posted everywhere, but entry is only on one platform.
Example: I post in The FB group there is a PayPal giveaway on Twitter. You can’t enter on Facebook. You must go to TheTechSlugs Twitter.

As of now, there will be two methods of entry:
– First to comment wins.
– Random drawing from comments (timeframe will be set in post)

How do I get the prize?
– I will respond to whoever wins in the thread on whichever social media it is held. You must send TheTechSlugs a message on that platform with the account that won so I can get your PayPal email.

Watch here for more information: