How to Find New Cryptocurrencies to Invest In

Many new cryptocurrencies are created daily and it can be hard to find them. I use an app called Crypto Pro to find new cryptocurrencies and manage portfolios.

Two downsides to the app (these are the only downsides I see):

  1. The app costs $5.
  2. The app is iOS only at the time of this writing

There is a free app called Blockfolio for both Android and iOS. This is a nice app. I prefer this one however as it seems more intuitive.

The app allows you to check over a thousand currencies from multiple exchanges and sort by parameters such as percent change, overall change, trading volume, price, and market cap. It is super intuitive and allows you to discover hot new coins, or new coins that are not hot and have yet to fully be discovered. Do your research on the coin when you find it to see if it has potential or not.

You can also check news on the app dealing with cryptocurrencies, set price alerts, and build a portfolio.

One particular feature I like about the portfolio is that I can do a simple portfolio. I do not have to input the full trade and fees. For someone buying all sorts of coins at different times, it keeps things cleaner. I keep track of my profit elsewhere in a fiat finance program.

Here is a video for more information.