What is the Best App or Website for Making Money?

This is one of the #1 questions. Here are the places I will direct you to. Keep in mind that this page will not give you specific apps or websites. It is meant to be a directory of dynamic content that will allow you to find the answer.

The answer changes a lot. Not only because apps and sites go up and down in quality, but also because location determines how much you can make on a particular cash service at any given time.

Ask Everyone


There are a lot of people that are good at this on our communities. Simply ask to see what the general consensus is. It is best to get multiple opinions for the reasons stated above.

Check out Our Archives Section

Link: thetechslugs.com/archives/

Sort by user-ratings on our archives to see which apps are top rated by users. Also take into account ratings of payment time, and paid vs not paid percentage.
You can also vote on apps there.

Look at My Cash Routine Page

Link: thetechslugs.com/routine

You are intrigued what the best app or website is for making money and you ask me. What do you think I think the best are? Perhaps the ones I am using? Yes! I think anything in my routine is the best because I think it is worthwhile enough to use. My routine page will give you access to up-to-date information on what I am using for making money. Specific videos are also made on TheTechSlugs YouTube channel of top apps at the time of the videos you can check out.

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