Make Money Opening Apps with AppZone

AppZone is a paid-to-downland app that is just like AppLike. You can sign up here [affiliate].

Instead of making money only downloading apps, you also make money using the apps. You earn very little for the initial download. Most of your income will come from using the app for several hours. The more you use it, the more you earn. However, the rate at which you earn per time spent goes down the more you use the app. AppZone is a lot more linear than AppLike in that you cannot earn for a very long time using the app, but most of the money comes quicker. This is one of the differences between the two.

On AppZone, you earn in blocks. Every hour will earn you 15 points for every 15 minutes for instance. This gives you 4 earning blocks per hour.

Also, you have to make sure that once you download the app on Google Play, you return to AppZone to open the app! If you go directly to the app from Google Play, earning will not begin. You have to click play on the app for the earning to begin as you use the app.


The Rewards AppZone offers are only gift cards. This is unlike AppLike which offers PayPal. They offer Amazon which makes it of use to me.

Here is more information about AppZone: